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Delaware Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

Delaware Department of Corrections

Director of Central Offender Records

245 McKee Rd Dover, DE 19904

Records Available:

Delaware law allows the public access to inmate records that include whether an offender is currently in custody with the state, where the offender is being held or incarcerated, along with a mailing address. Delaware holds individuals who haven’t been convicted but are awaiting trial or are currently on trial, and the public may view these records pertaining to current inmates or those waiting trial.

Delaware  Court Record Availability

The Department of Correction does not offer the public access to an automated database of offender information. But escapees and death row convicts are listed.

Access to Delaware Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Delaware Department of Correction (DOC) provides access to incarceration records through VINElink, a national inmate search system. VINElink (Victim Identification and Notification Everyday) makes information about inmates available to the general public through its website. Members of the public can search for inmates through the Delaware branch of VINElink or can call VINElink’s toll-free number for an inmate’s custody status (877-338-8463). VINElink also provides an automatic custody status notification service for victims and their families.