Louisiana Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

Department of Public Safety and Corrections

PO Box 94304

Attn: Office of Adult Services Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Records Available:

The DOC does make every effort to equip the public and victims of crimes with inmate information. Inmate records considered public record include facility location, conviction information, offender status in the system and a projected release date.

Access to Louisiana Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections provides access to inmate information by telephone. The state’s Offender Locator system may be reached by cell phone or touch-tone phone 24 hours a day. To retrieve incarceration records by phone, callers must have the inmate’s name and date of birth or Department of Corrections number. The Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System (LAVNS) is available online through VINElink. Through LAVNS, any citizen may retrieve information about an inmate’s case status and custody status.


Callers may use the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections’ Offender Locator system free of charge. There is no charge to retrieve inmate information online through LAVNS.

Years Available

Records of offenders who are currently under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections are available through the Offender Locator system and LAVNS.