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Massachusetts Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety

Department Of Corrections

50 Maple Street, Suite 3 Chelsea, MA 02150

Records Available:

Inmate records for Massachusetts offenders is available through MDOC. Inmate records include location of the facility and its address, inmate status, conviction information and sentencing information, including a projected release date if applicable.

Access to Massachusetts Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Massachusetts Department of Correction (MDOC), a division of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, provides information about incarcerated offenders by telephone. Members of the public who want to retrieve this information may call the department’s toll-free number: (877) 421-8463. Callers must be able to provide the offender’s last and first names or correction number. Online access to inmate information is available through VINElink (Victim Information and Notification Everyday). The MDOC also maintains a Victim Services Unit. The unit’s toll-free number is 866-684-2846.


The Massachusetts Department of Correction does not charge a fee to provide information about offenders within the system. Access to the online VINElink system is also free of charge.

Years Available

Information about offenders who are currently in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Correction is available by telephone or online.