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New Hampshire Department of Correctional Services

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New Hampshire Department of Corrections

Offender Records Office

PO Box 14 Concord, NH 03302

Records Available:

DOC inmate records for the public are limited but available on demand. Inmate records will include full name, date of birth, the unique inmate ID number, the facility housing the inmate, a term ID number that will indicate whether a life sentence is being served and the maximum years a sentence can last. Also detailed, if available, are the case IDs, docket numbers, court where convictions occurred and whether a mandatory parole date was entered.

Access to New Hampshire Court Records

Retrieving Records

Inmate records are available on the internet through the New Hampshire Department of Corrections (DOC) Inmate Locator. The information in the Inmate Locator database is drawn from information maintained by the DOC Offender Records Office. Anyone may request incarceration records through an online database search or by contacting the DOC Office of Public Information by phone, email, or postal mail. The DOC’s Victim Services Division will notify felony crime victims of changes in an inmate’s custody status upon request.


The New Hampshire Department of Corrections will provide public information about the offenders in its custody at no charge. Victim notification services are also free of charge.

Years Available

The DOC’s Inmate Locator database is updated daily, but the timeliness of its information cannot be guaranteed. For current updates or historical records, contact the Office of Public Information.