New Mexico Department of Corrections

Court Records

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New Mexico Corrections Department

Central Records Unit

PO Box 27116 Santa Fe, NM 87502

Records Available:

NMCD provides the public with access to certain inmate records deemed public by state law. New Mexico inmate lookup will return results that include full name, date of birth, location of incarceration, photo, type of offense, and supervision status (i.e. inmate or on parole).

Access to New Mexico Court Records

Retrieving Records

Information about offenders who are under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) is available on the department’s website. Law enforcement agents and members of the general public may search for incarceration information by the offender’s name or NMCD number. The database includes records of offenders who are incarcerated, on probation, or on parole. The NMCD’s Victim Services Program can give victims information about an offender’s status over the phone. The victim assistance toll-free number is 877-842-8464.


New Mexico citizens and law enforcement agents may search for incarceration information on the New Mexico Corrections Department online database free of charge.

Years Available

The New Mexico Corrections Department online Offender Search database is updated every night. However, the NMCD cannot guarantee that the information in the database is timely or complete.