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New York Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

New York Department of Correctional Services

Building 2 - Central Files

1220 Washington Ave Albany, NY 12226-2050

Records Available:

New York inmate lookup can be done by the public, but will not return inmate records on juveniles, previously incarcerated non-violent offenders and those who had a conviction set aside. Otherwise, inmate records will include name, gender, date of birth, race, custody status, incarceration location, date incarcerated, county of commitment, a list of up to four criminal convictions, projected release date, and terms of sentence.

New York  Court Record Availability

Written requests should be directed to FOIA Unit.

Access to New York Court Records

Retrieving Records

Incarceration information is available through the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) Inmate Lookup system. Any member of the public may access the Inmate Lookup system 24 hours a day, except during brief periods of nightly maintenance. Website users may search for inmate records by name, birth year, or Department ID Number. Information on inmates who are currently under the jurisdiction of the DOCCS, as well as inmates who were previously incarcerated, is included.


There is no fee to search for incarceration records in the DOCCS Inmate Lookup system. The system is provided free of charge in the interest of public safety and welfare.

Years Available

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Inmate Lookup system includes all inmates incarcerated since the early 1970s. Youthful offenders and persons whose convictions have been set aside are not included.