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Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Offender Records

PO Box 11400 Oklahoma City, OK 73136

Records Available:

The DOC maintains inmate records and allows the public to view certain information on inmates incarcerated or on supervised release in Oklahoma. Inmate records may include a photo and will list the offender’s name, height, weight, hair and eye color, and any visible body marks. The record will also list the correctional facility or parole office, sentence information, conviction information and projected release date.

Access to Oklahoma Court Records

Retrieving Records

In the interest of public welfare, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) maintains an online database of records of offenders who are currently incarcerated or on probation. Anyone may search the database by the offender’s ODOC number, first name, or last name. The ODOC website also allows users to filter their searches by physical identifiers, aliases, or location in the system. Complete criminal history records are available from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.


Individuals are not charged to view the incarceration records in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections online database. These records are made available to the public in order to promote public safety.

Years Available

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections keeps records of currently incarcerated inmates and offenders who are on probation. The records in the database are updated regularly, but the ODOC does not guarantee their timeliness.