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South Dakota Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

SD Department of Corrections

Central Records Office

PO Box 5911 Pierre, SD 57117

Records Available:

South Dakota inmate lookup is strictly limited because South Dakota law is conflicting. Victims rights laws dictate that inmate records should be released to victims and the concerned public, but other statutes prohibit the release of inmate records. The DOC will notify victims of changes in status for certain offenders, but that is all the information made available.

South Dakota  Court Record Availability

While online searching is not provided for inmates, there is a web search for escapees, walkaways, and parole absconders at

Access to South Dakota Court Records

Retrieving Records

Interested parties may contact the South Dakota Department of Corrections (DOC) Central Records Office by telephone to obtain information about incarcerated inmates. The Central Records Office does not provide information about offenders who are incarcerated in county jails or in prison systems out of state. Because state law restricts the release of inmate information, South Dakota does not have a searchable online inmate locator. Victims have the right to request notification of an inmate’s change in custody status and may do so by contacting the DOC.


Individuals requesting inmate information over the telephone or receiving victim notification services are not charged. These services are provided in the interest of public safety by the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation.

Years Available

The DOC’s telephone service provides information about currently incarcerated inmates. Other requests should be addressed to the Central Records Office.