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Tennessee Department of Corrections

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Dept of Corrections-ATTN: PIO/FOIL

Rachel Jackson Building, Ground Fl

320 6th Avenue, N. Nashville, TN 37243-0465

Records Available:

Tennessee inmate lookup will yield results that include the offender’s full name and any known aliases, date of birth, gender, race, supervision status, location of incarceration or probation, commencement of sentence, whether offender is eligible for parole and when, whether any parole hearings are scheduled, result of the hearing, and the maximum sentence end date. Results are for offenders committing felonies only.

Access to Tennessee Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Tennessee Department of Correction offers online access to inmate information through its online database: Tennessee Felony Offender Information Lookup (FOIL). Anyone can search for information on felony offenders by the individual’s name, state identification number, or TOMIS (Tennessee Offender Management Information System) number. Requests for criminal records may also be submitted in writing to the Operational Support Services Department of the Tennessee Department of Correction. Information on an offender’s sentence may be requested in writing from the Sentence Information Services Department.


Requestors pay no fee to request incarceration records online through the Tennessee Department of Corrections database. A charge of 15 cents per page is assessed for copies of hard-copy records if an archive search is necessary.

Years Available

Information on currently incarcerated felony offenders is available on the FOIL system. Archived incarceration records are retained in accordance with the department’s retention schedule.