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Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Court Records

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Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Bureau of Classification and Records

PO Box 99 Huntsville, TX 77342

Records Available:

Inmate records are available, in a limited format, to the general public. Public inmate records include custody status, correctional facility location, projected release date and a description of offenses committed.

Access to Texas Court Records

Retrieving Records

Any interested party may search for inmates who are currently incarcerated in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facility on the TDCJ’s website. Website users may search for inmate records by name, TDCJ number, or SID (state identification) number. Searches may be refined by the inmate’s sex or race. Written requests for incarceration records may be addressed or hand-delivered to the TDCJ unit in question or submitted by mail, email, or fax to TDCJ Executive Services.


The Texas Department of Criminal Justice provides access to online incarceration records as a public service. There is no charge to retrieve these records. Fees for photocopying and postage may apply to hard-copy records.

Years Available

The incarceration records on the TDCJ’s website include only inmates who are incarcerated in a TDCJ facility at the present time. The website is updated only on business days.