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Utah Department of Corrections

Court Records

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Utah Department of Corrections

Records Bureau

14717 S. Minuteman Dr Draper, UT 84020
7AM-5:30PM M-TH

Records Available:

Utah inmate lookup yields inmate records that show the offender’s name, known aliases, ID number, date of birth, weight, height and gender. Also available to the public is the location and status of an inmate.

Utah  Court Record Availability

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Access to Utah Court Records

Retrieving Records

Online incarceration records are available through the Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) Offender Search database. Online records may be retrieved by the offender’s name or offender number. Formal requests for compiled data or incarceration records should be addressed to the Records Bureau of the Utah Department of Corrections in Draper. The Utah Department of Corrections provides a sample record request form online.


Members of the public are not charged a fee to search the online Offender Search Database. Postage and copying fees may apply to records requested through the Records Bureau of the Utah Department of Corrections.

Years Available

Records in the UDC’s online Offender Database include information about individuals who are in the custody of the department at the present time. For information about the records available in the department’s archive, contact the UDC Records Bureau.