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Washington Department of Corrections

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Washington Department of Corrections

Office of the Secretary

7345 Linderson Way SW Tumwater, WA 98501-6504

Records Available:

Washington inmate lookup will yield limited inmate records. The public is allowed to view an inmate’s DOC number, full name and location of incarceration. The victim services division of DOC allows victims, witnesses and concerned citizens access to an offender’s location and status within the system.

Access to Washington Court Records

Retrieving Records

Any member of the public may search for basic information about offenders in the Washington Department of Corrections (DOC) system through the department’s database. Website users may retrieve the name, DOC number, and location of a currently incarcerated offender online. More extensive inmate information, including commitment and release dates, parole dates, age, sex, race, and supervision conditions, is available by phoning the DOC. Victims and other individuals may request notification of a change in an offender’s status online through the Washington branch of VINElink.


Individuals pay no fees to search the Washington Department of Corrections online offender database or to obtain information over the phone. These services are provided in the interest of public welfare.

Years Available

Information about offenders who are under the jurisdiction of the Washington Department of Corrections at the present time is available from the DOC.