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West Virginia Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

West Virginia Division of Corrections

Records Room

112 California Ave, Bldg 4, Room 300 Charleston, WV 25305

Records Available:

West Virginia inmate lookup will give public records for offenders serving time or on parole or probation in the state. Inmate records available include DOC number, full name, gender, birth date, height, weight, race, status, location of correctional facility, upcoming parole hearing, maximum parole discharge date and projected release date. Also listed is the offender’s court order list, including sentencing county, date of sentence and offenses committed.

Access to West Virginia Court Records

Retrieving Records

Public information about offenders who are currently on active status is available through the West Virginia Division of Corrections’ (WVDOC) online Offender Search database. Even though the records in this database are updated regularly, the WVDOC cautions that the information may change rapidly, and accuracy is not guaranteed. Inmate records may be found by DOC number or offender name. Victims and other interested parties may register for notification of changes in custody status by calling 866-WV4-VINE or by registering online at VINElink.


The West Virginia Division of Corrections makes offender information available to interested parties free of charge as a public service. No fee is assessed for victim notification services through VINElink.

Years Available

The WVDOC’s online database includes only offenders who are in prison, on parole, or under active supervision. Offenders who have been discharged or transferred out of the department’s custody are not included.