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Wyoming Department of Corrections

Court Records

State office

Wyoming Department of Corrections

1934 Wyott Dr, Ste 100

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Records Available:

Wyoming inmate lookup is available in a limited format and provides access to an offender’s custody status and location of incarceration. This information is available to the public, but is mainly geared toward victims and witnesses of crimes in Wyoming.

Access to Wyoming Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) will release incarceration records to crime victims and their surviving family members, parents or guardians of victims, key witnesses, or authorized individuals who have participated in the prosecution of an offender’s case. These individuals must submit the department’s Notification of Rights and Request Form to the Wyoming Department of Corrections. Information about an offender’s location, physical description, convictions, and release date is available to the public by contacting the WDOC.


Members of the public who request photocopied incarceration records may be charged a fee of $0.50 per page by the Wyoming Department of Corrections.

Years Available

The Wyoming Department of Corrections can provide information about offenders who are currently under its jurisdiction. Public queries about archived criminal records may be directed to the WDOC.