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PeopleSmart is not a Scam

One of the better search engines for finding information on people. – L. B., Independent Contractor Energy Co
PeopleSmart is not a Scam
PeopleSmart is not a Scam
One of the most trustworthy and best sites for getting the necessary information. – S.J.

PeopleSmart is not a Scam

In this day and age, technology has completely changed the flow of personal and public information. The World Wide Web continues to rapidly transform as a space for transaction, interaction, engagement, and utility. As a result, navigating the internet requires discernment and caution. Knowing this, we understand your concern and frustration with dishonest search sites that try to scam their users. But we also want to assure you that we are not one of them. We pride ourselves on our integrity, business ethic, privacy innovation, honest marketing, and product quality. We are anti-scam.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. We want to help and support you.

Here's what we do to ensure the integrity and quality of our site:

We care about your privacy.

We strive to be ahead of the curve and make privacy protection a core component of our products. We allow users to remove or manage their information on our sites, free of charge. Our removal and editing process is simple, online, and permanent. We allow members to cancel memberships and offer refunds to dissatisfied customers. We do not sell search or usage information about our users, and we never "scrape" data from social networks like other scam websites do. We do not sell information about celebrities or public figures. We never disclose salary, Social Security Numbers, email addresses, cell phone numbers, or religious information. Finally, we protect data by physically securing our servers and encrypting sensitive information. We've taken great care to protect people in our database and not reveal the kind of stuff that ought to stay private.

PeopleSmart offers great services in finding the people you need, and peace of mind finding out who those unknown numbers on your phone are. – R. F., PeopleSmart User

We allow you to be in control of your information.

We believe that users should be in control of their personal data and will continue to pursue industry initiatives that support this goal. Besides allowing users to remove or manage their information on our sites, free of charge, we also partner with industry leaders and identity management companies like Reputation Defender and Safe Shepherd so that you can easily remove your information from dozens of databases at once. We're willing to help you and care about the quality of our customer service, and we want to address the concerns that show up on complaint forums like Pissed Consumer and Scambook.

We pride ourselves on honest marketing.

We engage in honest and ethical marketing. We model our practices after those recommended by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and our merchant providers. We specify the parameters of our search engine, and our products explain our records' origins. For example, in a criminal records check, we define the states, counties, databases (e.g., Statewide Felony, Misdemeanor and Traffic, etc.), and years searched. For 6 or 12 month memberships, we send email notice 30 days before the auto-renewal date with cancellation options. We never engage in "post-transaction marketing" or pass your credit card number to third parties like other scam websites.

I had a wonderful experience. Your customer service support system is awesome. They were kind and understanding. They treated me like a QUEEN! – KAV, Mail carrier

Our products are high-quality and affordable.

We go farther than any other search site to ensure the high quality of our search results. Our value of high quality data proves that we are not a scam. In addition to providing access to non-digitized records and a network of court-runners, we diligently maintain our databases and use proprietary technology to ensure that you get the best results. As part of our efforts to improve the site, we are constantly adding more accurate and up-to-date records to our database. To make the search experience as satisfactory as possible, we accept PayPal and employ a fun, easy, and useful design with aesthetically clean and info-rich interface. We also care that our products are affordable, and we would never scam you for your money.

We are open to your feedback.

We welcome all of your questions and comments and want to make PeopleSmart a satisfying search experience. We provide live support 12 hours a day. Toll free: (888) 906-4278. Or contact us via email.