PeopleSmart Opt-Out Policy

This Policy describes how PeopleSmart responds to requests for the removal of personal information from our search products ("opt-out", "opt-out request").

Why is my information on PeopleSmart?

The information available on PeopleSmart is indexed from thousands of public record sources, such as courts and county clerks. It may also come from other publicly available records, such as phone books or directories. In other words, the information on PeopleSmart has already been made public elsewhere.

How do I opt out?

If you would like to manage your contact information on PeopleSmart, or opt out entirely, you may use our self-service privacy management tool. Opting out is free, and always will be.

Who can I opt out?

For an opt-out request to be valid, you must be:

  • The person associated with the name, address, phone number, or email address requested for opt out;
  • An immediate family member (i.e. parent or spouse); or
  • Someone legally authorized to act on behalf of the person being opted out.

If you are not the person being opted out, or an immediate family member, we may require documentation that you are authorized to act on the person’s behalf. Please note that all opt-out requests must be submitted by a person over the age of 13.

What do you do with the information I submit?

When you submit your personal information for the purpose of an opt-out request, we only use it to process your opt-out request, and do not share it with anyone.

Why do you ask me to create an account?

We ask you to create an account to help prevent unauthorized individuals from managing your information. In accordance with this Policy, we only use the information you provide to process your opt-out request.

Why are you asking to verify my identity?

We may ask you to securely verify your identity as a precaution against fraud, if we suspect that someone else is manipulating your personal information, or if we otherwise have reason to believe that our systems have been subject to abuse. We reserve the right to remove your opt-out request if you are unable to verify your identity.

How long does it take to opt out?

Once your opt-out request has been processed, it may take up to 72 hours for changes to be reflected across all of PeopleSmart’s servers, and may take up to 14 days for all of our partners’ APIs to fully refresh.

Why is my information still visible on PeopleSmart?

When you submit an opt-out request, we make a good faith effort to identify your records and remove them from our search results. Because our information comes from public record sources, there may be errors in the records that prevent your opt-out from being fully effective (for example, opting out the address "123 Main Street" would not opt out the erroneous address "123 Maine Street".)

Your opt-out may not take effect if you provide incomplete or inaccurate information for locating your records, or do not respond to a request from PeopleSmart for additional information or verification.

If you are still seeing your information on PeopleSmart, and it has been more than 72 hours since you submitted your opt-out request, please contact for further assistance.

What are the exceptions to your opt-out policy?

Third Party Databases. Opting out from PeopleSmart does not remove your contact information from data sources we do not control, such as public records.

Anonymous Data. We reserve the right to make available anonymous search data that does not identify you individually (for example, the number of times a particular name was searched for.)

With Your Consent. If you consent to your information being shared, or someone provides documentation that you have consented to your information being shared, that consent will override your opt-out request.

Court Records and Vital Records. If someone searches for court records or otherwise directly accesses official government records through PeopleSmart that include your personal information, we may show those records to them.

What should I do if my court records are inaccurate?

If you have reason to believe that your court records available through PeopleSmart are inaccurate or outdated, please contact and provide a description of the inaccurate record. If we are unable to verify the accuracy of the record with our public record sources, we may ask you to provide additional documentation.