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  • Rekindle past friendships
  • Reveal unknown callers
  • Start relationships safely
  • Search by name, address, phone number, and email address
  • 10 searches using phone number1
  • 10 searches using email address1
  • 10 emails sent to desired recipients on your behalf2
  • 5 letters sent by USPS to desired recipients on your behalf 2
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Contact Info + 25x the Searches
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Requires free verification through identity.com5
  • Research real-estate clients
  • Satisfy needs as a legal professional
  • Grow your business
  • Verify client Information
  • Search by name, address, phone number, and email address
  • 250 searches using phone number1
  • 250 searches using email address1
  • 500 emails sent to desired recipients on your behalf2
  • Access digitized public court records3
  • Get complete information for your professional needs4
Premium ReportS
More than 30% of public records are not available online. Join to upgrade your searches to Premium Reports. Send professional court runners to research criminal records in up to 3 courthouse. Available for $49.99 per report.
Premium Reports include all available:6
  • Digitized Court Records
  • Court Runner Records
  • Bankruptcies, Liens, and Judgments
  • Property Ownership Records
  • Business Ownerships
  • Professional Licenses

Service Descriptions and Disclaimers

1) Data Availability

Your search will not be counted against your limit if the result isn’t found or available. “Available” means we are able to successfully find a name. This happens for approximately 84% of phone numbers and 50% of email addresses. U.S. data coverage only.

2) Messages

Our relay systems deliver messages through US Postal Mail or email. For letters, you can send one letter per recipient. For emails, you can send one message to all available email addresses. Unused messages do not rollover month to month. To respect the privacy of recipients, we relay your message without revealing the actual email or postal address for Connect and Connect Plus. For PRO, you can access the postal address to send mail, and we relay your email messages without revealing email address.

3) Court Records

Our data sources include national and state court record databases, national sex offender registry, and county courthouses. Our coverage spans all 50 states and we provide a detailed breakdown of which records are digitized by state when you conduct a court records search.

“Court runner service” means we search additional online databases and send court runners to physically access county records in the counties you select – you can select up to 3 free county courthouse searches when you purchase a premium report.

4) Data Coverage

When you search for a person by name, you get phone numbers, address history, birthday, age range, and possible relatives when available.

Run additional searches for work information and vital records. These searches have limited coverage. When results are found, work information includes business address and phone details, and vital records include birth, death, marriage, or divorce information.

5) Verification

PRO members can view full address and digitized court records. This requires additional verification through, to ensure legitimate search purposes.

6) Data Availability

With Premium Reports, up to 3 county courthouse checks are included, with additional county checks available for discounted fees. This means we’ll send a professional court runner to retrieve criminal records that aren’t available in instant online databases. PeopleSmart aims to bring you more accurate and comprehensive information than alternative public records websites.

Premium reports can be purchased in the member area for $49.99