PeopleSmart Is Revolutionizing Privacy In Public Records
We’re committed to building products that respect individual preferences and use data in a fair, transparent way.
How PeopleSmart builds in privacy
We designed PeopleSmart to help you find old friends, reach new ones, and expand your network safely and in a way that respects privacy.
We’re Putting Privacy In Public Records

People love the convenience of finding contact information online. But most of us want to control what others can find about us.

Our reports come from “public records,” but not all public information is available to everyone. Laws and regulations limit how the information can be used.
Some public information, like court records, can help people make decisions about their safety. But not all court records are accurate or up to date.
We help you connect in a privacy-friendly way.
  • We’ll send a message for you through our postal or email message relay systems. You write the note and we’ll send it on, without revealing the street or email address.
  • We help you find the right person, while protecting sensitive details. Displaying an age range in search results helps make sure you’ve found the right “John Smith”, and lets us protect the actual birthdate and age.
  • We protect information about children, celebrities, and other vulnerable individuals.
We promote responsible data use.
  • We make it easy to opt out of PeopleSmart. If you prefer not to be listed in our contact directory, you can easily remove your listing here.
  • We educate our visitors about laws that limit how they can use PeopleSmart. Some of the laws that apply include the FCRA, GLBA, HIPAA, CAN-SPAM, and EEOC regulations.
  • We protect sensitive details like religious or political affiliation, financial information, and gun ownership.
  • We prevent the use of PeopleSmart for mass-mailing or marketing lists.
We continually update and correct our data.

We work hard to make sure our records are up to date. That means we actively add new records as they come in, remove criminal records that are are expunged or sealed, and take steps to correct or remove inaccurate listings

We share the right information to meet your needs and protect the rest.

Our Approach is rooted in Privacy by Design
Privacy by Design champions privacy integration from product ideation to use. Find out how we respect the 7 foundational principles of PbD below.
Our Privacy Team Puts You First Everyday
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