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Indiana Administrative Director of the Courts

About This Office:

The Indiana Courts is a central database for the Indiana court system, and it is also a resource for citizens’ information, attorneys’ information, judges’ information and media information Other information that is available through the Indiana Courts includes: public programs, statistics, judicial education, continuing legal education and a self-service legal center.

Court Records At This Office:

The Indiana Courts allows individuals to search for Appellate courts dockets, Appellate court oral arguments, and electronic case information using online dockets and webcasts. Court record searches can be made through the Court’s Odyssey Case Management System. Indiana court records can be searched by case number.

Access To Indiana Court Records:

The Indiana Administrative Director of the Courts maintains the systems that keep Indiana court records available. Supreme Court orders, opinions, case information, transfer dispositions, and other decisions are a matter of public record. Court of Appeals case information, opinions, and other decisions are also available, as are Tax Court case information, opinions, and other decisions. Trial court case information; criminal and citation case records; and civil, family, and probate case records are also easily obtained.

Indiana Court Records

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