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Mississippi Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Mississippi Administrative Office of Courts, which operates under the state of Mississippi Judiciary, is a central registry and database for the courts of Mississippi. It also provides information as it relates to the courts, including directories, reports, forms, employment opportunities.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Mississippi court records through the Mississippi Administrative Office of Courts may search through the Mississippi Electronic Courts, which began accepting electronic filings in 2009 for the Madison County Chancery Court. Otherwise, individuals may obtain court records through the Clerk of Courts in the county where the case was heard, and some records from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are available through the Supreme Court Clerk.

Access To Mississippi Court Records:

Mississippi’s 22 circuit courts have jurisdiction over felony criminal and civil cases and hear appeals from county and youth courts, justice courts, municipal courts, and drug and chancery courts. Municipal courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanors and traffic violations. Mississippi also has a supreme court and court of appeals. It is judiciary policy that the public interest is best served by open courts and records. The Mississippi Court Administrator is the central registry for all court matters.

Mississippi Court Records

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