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PeopleSmart is a privacy-friendly people search engine. Look up names, numbers, email addresses, or addresses. Find someone, like a family member or friend you’ve lost touch with, using PeopleSmart Connect or Connect Plus. Check phone numbers to find out who is calling you using reverse phone lookup or retrieve public records with PeopleSmart PRO.

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Real estate
Real estate Build your prospect list. Know who you’re meeting.
Legal Professionals
Legal Professionals Looking for info on clients, prospects, or beneficiaries? Check here first.
Classmates First reunion or 50th, find and invite your fellow grads.
Hobby Group
Hobby Group Shared interests build community. Start bringing yours together.
Childhood Friends
Childhood Friends Lost touch with the old crew? Find them here.
Rekindle an Old Flame
Rekindle an Old Flame See if sparks still fly. Send a note or make a call today.
Military Friend
Military Friend You forged a powerful connection. Reach out to reconnect.
Volunteer Group
Volunteer Group Connect with your community. Build donor lists. Recruit and reconnect with helpers.
Blind Date
Blind Date Date with peace of mind. Get contact details or search public records.

PeopleSmart PRO

Get access to civil and criminal court records.

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Find military friends
“My Dad was career military, and we moved every few years...I left all my friends behind, including people I cared a lot about. It is a blessing to know they are still alive and well.”
Check background of online date
“I found a CRIMINAL record on a man I met on”
“I was looking for my half brother and sister whom I have never met and was able to find and contact both of them.”
Find family members you've never met
“I just used your site to find some stockholders from early rounds. It worked beautifully.”

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