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Alabama Public Records

Alabama Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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Alabama Public Records

Alabama public records are comprised of vital records and court records. Vital records are maintained by the Alabama Center for Health Statistics (ACHS). Birth and death records were mandated by the state as of 1908, marriage records in 1936, and death records in 1950. Certificates can be obtained by mail from ACHS, with confidentiality restrictions: birth records are restricted to immediate family for 125 years, and death records for 25 years. Court records, both civil and criminal, are available through the Alabama Office of the Administrative Director. The online Alacourt system contains all current active cases and past cases back to the 1970s.

Lookup Public Records In Alabama Counties

Jefferson  County

Alabama's Jefferson County Probate Court maintains records for both the Birmingham and Bessemer Courthouses. Some of the records that can be found include: marriage licenses, land records and public records. This office is also responsible for handling the probation of wills and estates, hearing adoptions, name change and legitimations.

Madison  County

Alabama's Madison County Probate Court maintains land records, plats and financing statements, legal records, and vital records. All public records and recorded documents found on Madison County's website can be searched using various parameters and are free of charge to the general public. Land records, marriage licenses and military records may all be searched using this system.

Mobile  County

Alabama's Mobile County Probate Court is responsible for maintaining real property records, marriage and records and election records. This office is also responsible for handling estate claims and unclaimed property, which is also reported to the Alabama State Treasurer. All documents found in this court are also combined into a General Property Index.

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