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Florida Public Records

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Florida Public Records

Florida has a comprehensive online system for all Florida public records. Vital records are maintained by the Florida State Office of Vital Records, with statewide recording of births and deaths as of 1917 and limited records dating to 1865 for births and 1877 for deaths. Birth records are private, but anyone can order death records “without cause of death”. Marriage and divorce records are public; copies can be obtained from the Office of Vital Statistics for those after 1927 and from the clerk of court prior. Other Florida public records available online include deeds, probate, naturalizations, and court.

Lookup Public Records In Florida Counties

Broward  County

Florida's Broward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division maintains public records for the county. Individuals can search for these records using an online index that includes official records of Broward County from 1978. Individuals can search by document type, records date, consideration, or book/page.

Miami-Dade  County

Florida's Miami-Dade County Central Records Bureau maintains and distributes all public records, as well as arrest forms and Florida traffic crash reports. Individuals may obtain public records by visiting in person or by emailing the Central Records Bureau. Other forms provided by this office include: police clearance records for individuals seeking immigration documents, adoption, schooling or personal reasons.

Palm Beach  County

Florida's Palm Beach County Clerk and Comptroller Office provides information regarding court services, public records, public funds and other public services. The public records that can be obtained through this office include: court records, minutes from government meetings, official records such as liens, mortgages, judgments, plats and tax deeds, and recorded documents.

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