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Georgia Public Records

Georgia Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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Georgia Public Records

Georgia public records are located at the Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts and the State Office of Vital Records. While marriage and divorce records are accessible to the general public, birth and death records are limited to family members. The Office of Vital Records maintains birth and death records for 1919-present, marriage certificates for 1952-1996, and a divorce index for 1952-present. Marriage information prior to 1952 and after 1996 may be obtained at the county Probate Court, and divorce records at the Superior Court. Georgia public court records are registered through the Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts, and available at each court.

Lookup Public Records In Georgia Counties

De Kalb  County

Georgia's DeKalb County Clerk of Superior Court maintains and provides access to a number of vital records, including birth certificates, death certificates, child paternity registries, divorce records and marriage records. Individuals may also find real estate data through this office and can search by parcel number, partial parcel number, address, partial street name or owner name.

Fulton  County

Georgia's Fulton County Clerk of Superior Court provides public access to the county's public records, including all Superior Court actions, liens, foreclosures, adoptions and passports. This office is committed to providing easy access to public records. This office is the official record keeper and fiduciary agent for the Superior Court.

Gwinnett  County

Georgia's Gwinnett County Government is responsible for maintaining records for birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, passports, police reports, bids and proposals and building permits. Individuals interested in obtaining birth certificates can do so at this office; in addition, anyone born in Georgia can obtain a certified birth certificate through any county Vital Records Office.

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