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Hawaii Public Records

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Hawaii Public Records

Hawaii public records are available through the Hawaii Department of Health and the Hawaii State Judiciary. Hawaii vital records for births, deaths and marriages date to 1853, but records less than 75 years old are subject to privacy restrictions. Divorce records are available only for 1951-2002 in the Department of Health; other years are available in the court where filed. Hawaii public records of vital statistics since 1909 can be ordered online; older records require a request in writing. The Hawaii Administrative Offices of the Courts is the primary contact in the Hawaii State Judiciary for Hawaii court public records, maintaining the central database and online searching programs.

Lookup Public Records In Hawaii Counties

Hawaii  County

Hawaii's County of Hawaii Records Archives enables individuals to obtain all county documents, including agendas, bills, resolutions and ordinances. Individuals may search using the online search tool, wherein one can input a specific word or phrase. Alternatively, one can also search using a customized search or a basic text search.

Honolulu  County

Hawaii's Honolulu County Records Management Division is responsible for maintaining and managing records from all city government departments. Records maintained through this department include: marriage, divorce, birth and death records, as well as land records. Currently, access is limited to public records through Honolulu County because they are in the process of creating a major indexing project.

Maui  County

Hawaii's Maui County Office of the County Clerk maintains all information and documents for the public, legislative and executive branches of the county. Some of the public information available through this office includes: real property tax information, land and permit information and building permit information.

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