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Iowa Public Records

Iowa public records can be found at the Iowa Department of Public Health, Bureau of Health Statistics. Vital records for births, deaths, and marriages are available from the Recorder's Office of the county in which they were issued. These Iowa public records are not available: birth certificates of babies born to single parents before July 1, 1995; stillbirths; adoption records; name changes; and any record that was sealed by a court. Marriage, birth, and death certificates issued between 1921 and 1941 are unavailable. Information on specific records is not available by telephone but they may be viewed in person in the county where the record is kept.

Lookup Public Records In Iowa Counties

Linn  County

Iowa's Linn County Recorder's Office, operated through the Iowa Department of Public Health, is responsible for maintaining certified copies of marriage records, birth records and death records. This office also handles passports and military discharge records. The Recorder's Office supplies applications for birth, death and marriage records on its website.

Polk  County

Iowa's Polk County Vital Records Department is responsible for maintaining records relating to births, deaths, marriages and genealogy for Polk County. Individuals seeking certified copies of vital records through this office must do so in writing and must establish entitlement before the record can be released.

Scott  County

Iowa's Scott County Recorder's Office, which is a part of the Iowa Department of Public Health Bureau of Vital Records, maintains birth, death and marriage records for Scott County. All records can be obtained by telephone, in person, or through the mail. The website includes an application for a vital record search.

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