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Massachusetts Public Records

Massachusetts Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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Massachusetts Public Records

Massachusetts public records are “open access,” available to anyone. Massachusetts has one of the most complete collections of public records, as the state centralized collection in 1841, with two sets of records: one at the town office and one at the state office. Ancient Massachusetts public records, prior to 1841, are available at the town office; records for 1841-1920 are available at the Massachusetts State Archives. Massachusetts vital public records (birth, marriage, divorce, death) for 1921-2011 are available at the Department of Health and can be ordered online. The Massachusetts Administrative Office of the Trial Court is responsible for maintaining state court information.

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Essex  County

Massachusetts's Essex County Registry of Deeds enables individuals to search for all land court records. Individuals may search by event date, document type, town, last name, and type of search. Individuals may search for property information related to Essex County.

Worcester  County

Massachusetts's Worcester County Registry of Deeds is responsible for maintaining all county records related to the ownership of real estate. Individuals can search online using the state's online record system, Individuals may use a trial version of this software before purchasing it. Individuals may also disregard the new service and use the existing Massachusetts's land records website, where they can search by name, by document, by property or by certificate. Massachusetts's is separated into 21 registry districts, and each of these districts has a Register of Deeds that handles all property records. All documents related to real estate are recorded at each Register of Deeds.

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