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Nevada Public Records

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Nevada Public Records

Nevada public records include vital records and court records. Birth and death certificates are kept by the Office of Vital Statistics in the Nevada State Health Division. The office can provide these certificates back to July 1911 via mail, fax, or online. These records are restricted regardless of date to family members, legal guardians, and legal representatives. The office can verify marriage or divorce information back to 1968, though official records must be obtained from the county, since marriage and divorce records are not Nevada public records. The Nevada Administrative Office of the Courts keeps records only for the Supreme Court.

Lookup Public Records In Nevada Counties

Carson City  County

Nevada's Carson County Recorder is responsible for maintaining all property and land records, and individuals may search for these records using the Recorder's online search tool. Individuals may search for documents by name, date, type of record, parcel number, subdivision, party or township. The search results may also be listed according to document type or recording date.

Clark  County

Nevada's Clark County Recorder maintains records of all property and land documents, as well as marriage licenses. The Recorder's Office allows individuals to search using an online search tool. Some of the documents that can be searched using this search tool include: property ownership documents, foreclosures, liens and marriage certificates.

Washoe  County

Nevada's Washoe County Vital Statistics Office maintains all birth and death records. Individuals can obtain birth and death records by submitting a request in person or through the mail. Marriage certificates are held by the Recorder's Office, and divorce certificates can be located on the District Court's website.

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