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New Hampshire public records: divorce records, deaths, and marriages

New Hampshire Public Records

New Hampshire public records do not include recent vital records, which are private and restricted. Older records are exempt from restriction; birth records prior to 1909 and death/marriage/divorce records prior to 1959 are available at the Division of Vital Records Administration of the Department of State through their Genealogical Research Center. Staff there can research records for a $15 fee or the public can view the records for free at the Records and Archives building. New Hampshire public records do include court records; all court files, excepting juvenile and pending applications, are available to the public at the clerk’s office of the specific court.

Lookup Public Records In New Hampshire Counties

New Hampshire's Hillsborough County Registry of Deeds maintains all records relating to the purchase or sale of real property. Individuals may search for records by visiting the Registry of Deeds in person; records dated from 1966 to the present are computerized, and individuals are able to search on the computers located at this office.

Rockingham  County

New Hampshire's Rockingham County Registry of Deeds is responsible for managing all public information relating to the purchase and sale of real property. This office provides land and property information as it relates to the 37 communities of Rockingham County. Individuals may search for these records by using the computers found at the Registry of Deeds.

Merrimack  County

New Hampshire's Merrimack County Registry of Deeds maintains records relating to the purchase and sale of real property. All real property records maintained by the Registry of Deeds are indexed according to the Grantor (sellers, debtors, assigners and mortgagers) and the Grantee, and all plans are listed under the owner's name, the development's name and condo name.

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