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New Mexico Public Records

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New Mexico Public Records

New Mexico public records do not include recent birth and death records.  State registration of births and deaths was instituted in 1919 by the Office of Vital Records and Statistics of the Department of Health, and state regulations insure privacy of these records for 100 years for births and 50 years for deaths.  Older records (to the 1880s) may be found at the State Archives or the State Library, and there is a New Mexico Death Index Project (1899-1940).  Marriage and divorce records are district court records, dating to 1727. Court records do qualify as New Mexico public records and are retained permanently.

Lookup Public Records In New Mexico Counties

Bernalillo  County

New Mexico's Bernalillo County Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining all public records relating to the county. Individuals may access various Index searches through the County Clerk's website is order to search for public records, including deeds, mortgages, liens, judgments, marriage licenses, and other public records documents. Any divorces or foreclosures, however, are filed in the District Court.

Dona Ana  County

New Mexico's Dona Ana County is responsible for maintaining public records relating to Dona Ana County, including marriage records, birth certificates and death certificates. Individuals can access the online search tool using either a private account or a public account; public accounts allow individuals to search and view documents, while a private account will allow individuals to view the actual document.

Santa Fe  County

New Mexico's Santa Fe County Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining the following public records: marriage licenses, deeds, mortgages, real estate contracts, liens and releases, tax liens and releases, probate files and other real estate-related documents. Individuals seeking records regarding these public records can print out and complete an online application and mail it to the Clerk's Office.

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