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Ohio Public Records

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Ohio Public Records

Ohio public records include vital records, court records, naturalizations, military pensions, and land records. The Office of Vital Statistics of the Ohio Department of Health maintains birth records from 1908 and death records from 1954. Marriage records are held at county probate courts and divorce records at the county court, but the Office of Vital Statistics maintains an index of both. Vital records are open to the public with no restrictions. Court records in Ohio are maintained under the auspices of the Administrative Director of the Court. Online searching of these Ohio public records is available on a court-by-court basis.

Lookup Public Records In Ohio Counties

Cuyahoga  County

Ohio's Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts maintains all court records related to civil courts and criminal courts. Individuals can find information relating to divorces, domestic violence cases, foreclosures and contract litigation through a civil court search, while information relating to all criminal court matters can be found by searching the criminal court records. Official court records must be obtained in person.

Franklin  County

Ohio's Franklin County Recorder maintains all records relating to land transactions within the county. The Columbus Public Health Department issues certified all copies of birth and death certificates for Franklin County from 1908 to the present. Orders for birth and death certificates can be completed using the walk-in service, pick-up service or mail order service.

Hamilton  County

Ohio's Hamilton County Public Health Department maintains all birth and death records for Hamilton County. Hamilton County issues and maintains birth and death records from 1875 to the present. The Hamilton County Probate Court maintains all marriage license records, as well as court information, which can be searched using the online search tool.

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