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Pennsylvania Public Records

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Pennsylvania Public Records

Pennsylvania public records do not include birth and death records. Statewide registration of records was instituted in 1906; the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Vital Records maintains these records and by law releases certified copies only to family (or by power of attorney) when ordered online, by mail or in-person. Prior to 1906 and as early as 1682, the recording of births and deaths were civil records made by local courts, and copies are available at the Pennsylvania State Archives. However, marriages (since 1885), divorces (since 1804), wills, deeds, naturalizations, and criminal and civil court records are considered Pennsylvania public records, and are available at local courthouses.

Lookup Public Records In Pennsylvania Counties

Allegheny  County

Pennsylvania's Allegheny County Department of Court Records, Criminal Division, maintains all records related to Allegheny County criminal cases. Birth and death records through the county can be obtained at various locations, depending on the place of occurrence and the year of the event, as outlined by a chart that aids individuals seeking information regarding these vital records.

Montgomery  County

Pennsylvania's Montgomery County Courts Division is responsible for maintaining records related to criminal court cases, civil court cases and register of wills active cases, which includes marriage licenses, probate and orphan's court information. Individuals may perform docket searches using the online search tool found on the County Courts website.

Philadelphia  County

Pennsylvania's Philadelphia County, through the Philadelphia Courts, First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, maintains all records for the following courts: trial division, orphan's courts, traffic courts and civil courts. This county office allows individuals to search for Philadelphia court cases through an online search tool. Individuals may search by court date or type of hearing.

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