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Tennessee Public Records

Vital records do not qualify as Tennessee public records. The Tennessee Office of Vital Records at the Department of Health keeps records for births for 100 years and 50 years for deaths, marriages and divorces. These records are released only to family members, although information will be verified for anyone. After the period of limitations, the records are sent to the Tennessee State Library and Archives for public access. Statewide registration began in 1908, but four cities have records as old as 1848 at the Archives. Court records do qualify as Tennessee public records and are available at each court and online.

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Davidson  County

Tennessee's Davidson County Vital Records Department is responsible for maintaining and retaining all vital records, including birth records, death records. Individuals may request birth certificate and death certificate records by downloading a PDF application and mailing the completed form to the Vital Records Department.

Knox  County

Tennessee's Knox County Vital Records Division maintains all birth and death records for Knox County. Death records are available for persons who have died in Knox County in the past 10 years. Birth records are available for all births in the county from 1949 to the present. The Criminal Clerk Court manages all information relating to court proceedings in Knox County.

Shelby  County

Tennessee's Shelby County Office of Vital Records, through the Shelby County Health Department, maintains and issues all vital statistics records, including birth records and death records. Shelby County's General Sessions and State Criminal Courts website maintains all court records for the county. Individuals may obtain court information through the Website's various search tools.

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