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Wisconsin Public Records

Wisconsin Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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Wisconsin Public Records

Wisconsin public records include both vital records and court records. While certified copies of vital records are restricted, uncertified copies are not and can be obtained either from the Wisconsin Department of Heath Services, Vital Records Office, by written request or from the Register of Deeds at the county office. Statewide registration of all vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce) was instituted in 1907, with perhaps 50% of historical events dating back to 1814 recorded and available at the Wisconsin Historical Archives and online. The Wisconsin Director of State Courts is responsible for Wisconsin public records (court), including the online case access systems.

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Dane  County

Wisconsin's Dane County Clerk of Courts maintains Circuit Court of Records, including civil, criminal, family, paternity, small claims, traffic, state tax liens, construction liens, condo leans and probate. Most requests are processed within 10 business days. Dane County's Register of Deeds maintains birth, death, marriage and domestic partnership records.

Milwaukee  County

Wisconsin's Milwaukee County Register of Deeds, through the Vital Records System, is responsible for maintaining vital records for the county, including birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and certificates of domestic partnership. Requests for vital records can be submitted online, in person or through the mail. Individuals may print the appropriate forms for submitting an application for records.

Waukesha  County

Wisconsin's Waukesha County Register of Deeds maintains, records and files the following records: mortgages, deeds, land contracts, articles of incorporation and real estate transactions. All real estate records from 1994 to the present are available online. Records before 1994 must be obtained through the Register of Deeds office.

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