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Alaska Administrative Office of Courts

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State office

Office of the Administrative Director

Alaska Court System

820 W 4th Ave Anchorage, AK 99501

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The Alaska Administrative Office of Courts is the central agency for all court information, specifically the three trial-level courts: superior, district and magistrate. Alaska has no counties but does have four judicial districts where magistrates can preside over cases. The Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction, with a district court in each of the four districts. The cases available include criminal records, civil records, small claims records, state traffic records, domestic relations, and child support.

Alaska  Court Record Availability

The record center located at 825 W 4th Ave.

Access to Alaska Court Records

Retrieving Records

Information on the Alaska public court records maintained by the Alaska Administrative Office of Courts is available online through "Courtview", which is a free online search, by name or case number (ticket number). The online search provides information on case type, party names, attorney names, charges in criminal cases, type of civil case, assigned judge, case status (open, closed, reopened), case disposition and cost. Confidential cases, such as adoption and mental commitment, are not available.


"Courtview" is a free online search. Case copies are by written request to the records department of the clerk of court. They cost 25cents/page, $5/certified copy, and $15/hour research.

Years Available

The Alaska Administrative Office of Courts keeps no comprehensive information for trials prior to 1990. For information prior to 1990, the specific court must be contacted.