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California Administrative Office of Courts

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Administration Office of Courts

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455 Golden Gate Ave San Francisco, CA 94102-3660

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The Administrative Office of the Courts maintains four levels of courts: the municipal courts for local issues, 58 superior courts for civil and criminal cases, six district courts of appeals, and the state Supreme Court. The California Appellate Courts Case Information System provides case information for the California Supreme Court and the district court of appeals cases. Also available online at the California Courts website are Supreme Court/courts of appeals opinions, filings, case summaries, briefs, and minutes.

California  Court Record Availability

All trial court record access must be done at the local level. Email questions to

Access to California Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Administrative Office of the Courts is implementing a single case management system to be used by all 58 superior courts. California's Court Case Management System (CCMS) will replace the 70 different systems in use today and will enable the public to e-file documents, access information, and make payments online. Until implementation, all superior court records must be obtained at the specific court. There are no plans to implement a municipal court online case information system.


The online Appellate Courts Case Information system is free. Until the Superior Courts CCMS online system is operational, case records are obtained from the clerks of court.

Years Available

Historical records from the earliest days of California statehood in 1848 are at the California State archives. Recent cases are maintained by the clerk of each court.