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Florida  State Courts Administrator

About This Office:

The Florida State Courts Administrator provides information for the general public, including court initiatives, self-help topics, court publications, administrative functions and statistics. For the legal community, as well as the press and media, the Administrator issues court news, Supreme Court public information, court publications and statistics.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals can search for Florida Supreme Court records on the Florida Supreme Court’s website, using their online search tool. The Florida State Court’s website also has an online docket search tool for all Appellate Courts in Florida. Individuals can search by case number, party, attorney or date filed.

Access To Florida Court Records:

The Florida State Courts system was reorganized in 1973 to a two-tier system. There are 67 county courts for small civil suits and 20 circuit courts for criminal and larger civil suits. Over these are the Supreme Court and five district courts of appeal, with the Office of the State Courts Administrator responsible for the case reporting system. Supreme Court decisions are online for 1999-present, with those of the five district courts of appeals generally available from 2001-present.

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