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Hawaii Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In Hawaii

Hawaii  Administrative Director of Courts

About This Office:

The Hawaii Administrative Offices of the Courts is a central database for general court information, news and reports, services, legal references, community outreach and special projects and events.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Hawaii court records can search the eCourt Kokua for access to traffic cases, the Hawaii Intermediate Court of Appeals and the Hawaii Supreme Court. Use the Ho’ohiki for access to criminal and civil case information through the Circuit and Family Courts and, in some instances, civil cases. Individuals can obtain certified court cases, in paper form, at the courthouse in which the case took place.

Access To Hawaii Court Records:

Hawaii's judiciary is a unified court system under the Hawaii Supreme Court. Civil and criminal court records available from the Hawaii Administrative Director of Courts include the state courts (supreme court, court of appeals), the four circuit courts and the district courts. The judiciary attempts to protect personal identifiers from becoming publicly available online by blocking Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses, and home telephone numbers. There are both filed documents and hearings (court minutes) available.

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