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Where To Access Court Records In Idaho

Idaho  Clerk of Supreme Court

About This Office:

The Idaho Administrative Director of the Courts is responsible for providing information regarding the Idaho court system. Some of the information provided includes court opinions, court hearings, court rules, court forms, the jury system, judicial links and a media guide.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Idaho court records through the Idaho Administrative Director of the Courts should submit a request through the official custodian of the court record, as identified on the Idaho State Judiciary’s website, according to the court. Most requests need not be in writing and can be obtained by asking the appropriate clerk for the record by providing the case number or the case name.

Access To Idaho Court Records:

The Idaho Clerk of the Supreme Court maintains court records for the district trial courts of all 44 counties as well as opinions of the supreme and appeals courts. These opinions can be obtained from the office as well as information on civil and criminal trials in the district courts, including judgments, party information, and case histories. Records for legally restricted cases, such as domestic abuse and child protection cases, are not available to the public.

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