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Kentucky Court Records

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Court Records

Where To Access Court Records In Kentucky

Kentucky  Administrative Office of the Courts

About This Office:

The Kentucky Court of Justice is responsible for maintaining all information relating to the Kentucky courts. Some of the information that is available through them include: legal forms, a calendar of events, FAQs, law-related education, research and reference materials and court programs.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to Kentucky court records can be completed through the Kentucky Administrative Offices of the Court online search engine. Individuals can search by case number, by party or by citation. In addition, attorneys can search court records through the CourtNet system, which is used by Kentucky criminal justice professionals.

Access To Kentucky Court Records:

The Supreme Court of Kentucky is the final interpreter of state law. The Court of Appeals reviews cases from the lower courts but does not retry. Circuit courts have general jurisdiction over civil matters over $5,000, capital offenses, felonies, land dispute, and probate dispute cases. District courts have limited jurisdiction, handling juvenile cases, city/county ordinances, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, small claims, and other small civil cases. The Administrative Office of the Courts oversees all the courts.

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