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Where To Access Court Records In Louisiana

Louisiana  Judicial Administrator

About This Office:

The Louisiana Judicial Administrator’s Office serves as the administrative arm of the Louisiana Supreme Court, which oversees all other courts in the state. In addition to providing supervisory jurisdiction over the state’s court, the Judicial Administrator’s Office staffs the task forces and committees of the Judicial council and manages the judicial aspects of the state budget.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to Louisiana court records can be obtained through the Office of the Clerk of Court through the court in which the case was heard. Records for cases date back as far as the 1800s and are available for a small fee.

Access To Louisiana Court Records:

Supervised by the Louisiana Judicial Administrator, Louisiana public court records are maintained by each specific court; there is no central repository or index of records, and few online resources. The clerk of court office of each individual court maintains their own records which include notary, marriage, divorce, wills, deeds, defaults, arrest, police, criminal, military, property, business and civil records. Most civil and felony records are located at one of the 43 district courts, which have jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases.

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