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Maine  Chief Justice for Administration and Management

About This Office:

Maine Administrative Office of the Courts oversees all of Maine’s courts, with the exception of the probate court, which is managed at the county level. Some of the information maintained through Maine’s Judicial Branch includes opinions and orders, rules and fees, forms and publications, jury information and help guides and handbooks.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Maine court records may utilize the search engine found on the State of Maine’s Court home page. Individuals may also conduct an advanced search using this feature.

Access To Maine Court Records:

Courts in Maine date to 1820 when Maine separated from Massachusetts. The Supreme Judicial Court is the court of final appeals. Only the Superior Court hears jury trials, civil or criminal. District courts were created in 1961 in 13 districts to hear civil, criminal, and family matters. There are also courts to specifically address family, drug, business, small claims, and traffic issues, with all courts under the oversight of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

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