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Maine Chief Justice for Administration and Management

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State Court Administrator

PO Box 4820 Portland, ME 04112-4820

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Courts in Maine date to 1820 when Maine separated from Massachusetts. The Supreme Judicial Court is the court of final appeals. Only the Superior Court hears jury trials, civil or criminal. District courts were created in 1961 in 13 districts to hear civil, criminal, and family matters. There are also courts to specifically address family, drug, business, small claims, and traffic issues, with all courts under the oversight of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Maine  Court Record Availability

Access to trial court records is not available from a central location. All trial court record access must be done at the local level. The home page offers a variety of resources and information.

Access to Maine Court Records

Retrieving Records

Only opinions and orders of the Supreme and Superior Courts are online as of 2011. The 2004 Maine Task Force on Electronic Court Records Access (“TECRA”) made recommendations on online public access to the Administrative Office of the Courts and noted that Maine does have efiling of court files via the Maine Judicial Information System (MEJIS). Until there is online access, the clerk’s office must be contacted for record copies or transcripts.


The search costs of court records by the clerk of courts can be significant, but record copying and transcript copying costs are nominal.

Years Available

Although specifically Maine court records only date from statehood in 1820, court records are available back to 1636 at the Maine State Archives and online.