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Michigan State Court Administrative Office

Court Records

State office

State Court Administrative Office

PO Box 30048 Lansing, MI 48909

Records Available:

Michigan court records are dispersed through several agencies. The Michigan State Court Administrative Office maintains records for the Michigan Supreme Court. The Appeals Court and the various district, circuit, probate, Indian tribal, and county trial courts maintain their own records, and the information available varies. Supreme Court orders and opinions, as well as Appeals Court case status and information are available. Information available for the various lower courts depends on the individual court.

Michigan  Court Record Availability

No trial court records are available from this agency.

Access to Michigan Court Records

Retrieving Records

Access to Michigan court records varies. The Michigan State Court Administrative Office has opinions and orders available from the Supreme Court for online access. Cases in the Appeals Court can be searched by party name, docket number, or attorney name. The Michigan courts website contains a listing of lower courts and indicates whether they have online access, though how that access works is varied and it is not present for the majority of the courts.


There is no charge for information on Supreme or Appeals Court cases, and costs vary for the lower courts, which are administered separately.

Years Available

Supreme Court case information is available online back to 2008, appeals court information goes back to 1996, and lower court information varies by court.