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Montana Administrative Office of Courts

Court Records

State office

Office of The Court Administrator

P.O. Box 203005 Helena, Montana 59620-3005

Records Available:

The Montana judicial system is unusual. Unlike most states and the federal government, there is no intermediate appellate court; the Supreme Court serves as the state appellate court. Directly under the Supreme Court, the 56 district courts serve as major trial courts with civil and criminal jurisdiction including debts, divorces, guardianships, juvenile matters, naturalizations, and probate. Limited jurisdiction courts include worker’s compensation, water, justice, municipal, and city courts, with administration by the Montana Administrative Office of Courts.

Montana  Court Record Availability

All trial court record access must be done at the local level. The Clerk of the Supreme Court is at 406-444-3858.

Access to Montana Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Montana Supreme Court has an online system for opinions, writs, orders, and briefs. Information from the District courts is available through the online system CHOPRS (Criminal History Online Public Record Search), maintained by the Montana Administrative Office of Courts ( This system includes information on descriptions, arrests, detentions, complaints, indictments, sentences, correctional status, and release for all felony offenses and many misdemeanors. Historical records dating back to 1868 are available on microfilm at the Montana Historical Society.


The CHOPRS online criminal record information system costs $11.50/request or $75 with an annual subscription. The cost of record retrieval through the clerk of court is similar.

Years Available

The CHOPRS online system has criminal information back to the 1950s, retained forever. Older records are available from the clerk of court or Montana Historical Society.