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Nebraska Administrative Office of Courts

Court Records

State office

Court Administrator

PO Box 98910 Lincoln, NE 68509-8910

Records Available:

The Nebraska justice system is comprised of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, 12 district courts, 93 county courts, and juvenile, workers’ compensation, drug, and small claims courts, all overseen by the Administrative Office of Courts. District courts have original jurisdiction in felony, domestic relations, equity, and civil cases over $52,000. County courts have limited jurisdiction, primarily for misdemeanors and civil matters under $52,000, including traffic violations. Juvenile records may be sealed or destroyed.

Nebraska  Court Record Availability

Appellate and Supreme Court opinions are available from the website.

Access to Nebraska Court Records

Retrieving Records

All court records must be requested through the online “JUSTICE” court record system, also known as the Nebraska Trial Courts Case System, maintained by the Nebraska Administrative Office of Courts. Private information such as social security numbers and witness names are not included. Available information includes case detail, party(ies) listing, court costs, payments, and register of actions. Records for 11/12 district and 93 county courts are included; Douglas County District Court records are not available in 2011.


One-time court record online “JUSTICE” searches cost $15 with access to 30 cases/search. An annual subscription of $50 enables unlimited free searching and $1/case-view.

Years Available

Historical record availability on the “JUSTICE” system varies by county and case. Criminal/traffic cases generally date to the late 1990s and civil cases to 1999/2000.