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New York  Administrative Office of the Courts

About This Office:

The New York Office of Court Administration, which is a part of the New York State Unified Court System, is responsible for overseeing the 13 judicial district and the four judicial departments. Some of the information that is maintained by the Office of Court Administration includes: a press center, publications, e-courts and law libraries.

Court Records At This Office:

To access New York public records, individuals can search through the Office of Court Administration’s eCourt system. This free case information database can help individuals find information on both active and disposed cases in both the Civil Supreme and Local Civil Courts.

Access To New York Court Records:

The New York Office of Court Administration provides access to court records for many of the state’s appeals and trial courts. Information regarding civil and criminal trials, Supreme and appeals court cases, family court, and housing court cases can be obtained online or in person. The central office has party information, case histories, judgments, and other information for both active and disposed cases in most local, superior, and family courts as well as the state Supreme Court.

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