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New Hampshire Court Administrator

Court Records

State office

Administrative Office of Courts

Supreme Ct Bldg

2 Charles Doe Dr Concord, NH 03301-6160

Records Available:

The New Hampshire Court Administrator maintains court records for all state courts: the Supreme Court, Superior Court, District Court, Probate Court, and Family Division. All jury trials are held at the Superior Court, which has jurisdiction over many criminal and civil cases. District courts in 36 cities are the community courts handling minor crimes and civil cases under $25,000. New Hampshire state case records including docket entries, parties, judgments, and charges in public courts

New Hampshire  Court Record Availability

All trial court record access must be done at the local level.

Access to New Hampshire Court Records

Retrieving Records

Although New Hampshire court records are public, they are not available in any centralized system or online. However, the New Hampshire Court Administrator/Judicial Branch is instituting e-Court in 2011. All court records are available for inspection at the clerk’s office of the specific court, and the clerk can also be requested by phone or mail application to perform a search for a fee. Sometimes a written application is required and an appointment is required for personal viewing.


Free viewing of court records is available at the specific court. Alternatively, a search request can be made with the fee dependent the extent of the search.

Years Available

Historical records from 1640 on are at the New Hampshire Records and Archives. Twentieth-century records are at the specific court. An online e-Court system is planned starting in 2011.