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North Dakota Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In North Dakota

North Dakota  State Office of Court Administration

About This Office:

North Dakota Court Administrator’s Office oversees and maintains all information relating to the North Dakota court system. In addition to court information and contact information, some of the information available through the Court Administrator’s Office includes: opinions, research, forms and notices.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to North Dakota court records may be obtained through a search tool found on the North Dakota Supreme Court website. Individuals may search using the name, the citation number or the case number. In addition, individuals may also contact the Clerk of Court in the county where the court record is located.

Access To North Dakota Court Records:

The North Dakota judicial system consists of a Supreme Court plus appellate, district, and municipal courts. The Court of Appeals hears only cases assigned by the Supreme Court; some years there are none. Seven district courts have original and general jurisdiction in all cases, including criminal felony, criminal misdemeanor, and civil cases. The municipal courts have jurisdiction of all violations of municipal ordinances. The North Dakota State Office of Court Administration maintains information for all the courts.

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