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Oklahoma Administrative Office of Courts

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Administrative Office of Courts

1915 N Stiles, #305 Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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The Oklahoma Court System is made up of the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, Court of Civil Appeals, and 77 district courts, administered the Administrative Office of the Courts. The Supreme Court presides over all civil issues, with the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals over criminal. The 77 district courts, the backbone of the Oklahoma judiciary, have general jurisdiction over civil and criminal matters. Municipal courts are courts of no record, outside the state court system.

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The Oklahoma Administrative Office of the Courts is in the process of providing all court docket information online for free. The goal is a complete statewide tracking system; currently 13 counties are online, representing half of the court cases filed, as well as every appellate court. The information on the “Oklahoma State Courts Network” (, dating to the 1990s for the district courts and 1970s for the appellate courts, includes parties, attorneys, events, issues, dockets, disposition, and costs.


All civil and criminal court dockets are being digitized, with free access at The clerks of the specific court should be contacted for other cases.

Years Available

The online system includes about 50% or current cases, dating to the 1970s. The court of record should be contacted for non-digitized cases and case copies.